What is my AirsPops warranty duration?
Your AirPops warranty is valid for 180 days from the day of purchase.


How to start using AIRSCREAM AirsPops devices
AIRSCREAM AirsPops components consist of an AirsPops device and E-liquid pod (atomiser). To use, insert the pod into the device receiver and gently push down until you hear a click. After that, you are ready to vape.


Important Tips When Using AIRSCREAM AirsPops devices
The device comes with overtime protection and automatically stops when a single puff exceeds 10 seconds. Nevertheless, it is recommended that each inhalation is limited to within 1-5 seconds. Users are also advised to not inhale too quickly or deeply to prevent a burnt sensation and to avoid inhaling e-liquid residue from incomplete vapourising.

During use, ensure the pod is always situated higher than the device. Avoid using the device while inverted, such as using while reclined as it can result in a harsh, burnt taste resulting from the coil not coming into contact with the E-Liquid.

When the device power reserve is at or below 10%, the LED indicator will flash and the AirsPops device’s will enter protection mode and stop functioning. Once fully charged, the overcharge protection will automatically activate to protect the battery and device.


Leaking on AirsPops device

If you experience a leak or condensation after use, you can use tissue paper or cotton swab and gently wipe the surface.

When in use for long periods, condensation may appear around the pod. This is normal and can be safely wiped off.

There are several factors to a leak.

• If you Inhale too hard.
• Squeezing the pod too hard during inhalation and exhalation.
• If the leaking problem is very serious, please contact our customer service.

If you encounter persistent leakages, please contact our customer service at customercare@airscreamuk.com.


What is Condensation?
If you encounter a greasy sensation when vaping, this is a result of condensation where the heating vapour comes into contact with low temperature atmospheres.


To reduce the effects of condensation during your vaping experience:
Wrap the inhalation port with a piece of tissue, then hold and flick the pod gently downward several times to drain the condensation into the tissue. 

After that, roll up a piece of tissue paper or cotton swab and dab into the inhalation port to wipe off any lingering condensation residue. 

Before inhaling, take a deep breath first.

When power reserves are below 20%, condensation can occur due to imperfect coil heating. For best experience, users are advised to ensure the device is well charged before use.


Why does the liquid in my pod turn dark?
The e-liquid pod will become oxidised and darken after prolonged usage, especially after multiple refills and mixes. This is normal, and a reminder to replace the pod.

Tip: Please do not refill the pod if there is an odour or if you find the taste has diminished.


What should I do if my AirsPops device doesn’t work?
Firstly check if your AirsPops device has sufficient battery charge. Then try replacing the E-liquid pod with another. If the device is still not functional, try the following steps:

1) Remove the pod and gently clean the metal contacts at the bottom.

2) Using a tissue or cotton swab, gently wipe off any condensation and foreign matter from the device and pod connectors.

3) Gently shake the pod and device.

If problems persist, kindly contact customer service at: customercare@airscreamuk.com


What should I do when my AirsPops device isn’t charging?
Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot your device:

Ensure the device is correctly seated in the magnetic charger, and whether the LED indicator lights up.

If problems persist, inspect the device and charger for physical damage.

If you are still experiencing issues with charging the device, please contact our customer service team at customercare@airscreamuk.com.


Do I need to maintain my AirsPops device?
While your AirsPops device is designed to be maintenance-free, periodically cleaning the metal contacts ensures a smooth vaping experience.

Condensation can occur when the heating vapour meets colder air. This is normal, and wiping the connections on the pod and device with tissue paper or a cotton swab is recommended.


How do I charge my AirsPops device?
To start charging your AirsPops device, plug the magnetic USB charger into a USB port, then simply place your AirsPops Device onto the magnetic charger.


When should I charge it?
When the AirsPops device battery power level is below 10%, the LED indicator will flash multiple times and stop working to protect the device until fully charged again. When the device is in charging mode the LED indicator will light up. Once fully charged, the LED indicator will flash 20 times, then switch off.


How long does a full charge take?
Approximately 35 minutes. A fully charged AirsPops device is designed to last for a full day’s use (200-250 puffs). However, results may vary per user.


Should I worry about overcharging my AirsPops device?
Every AirsPops device comes with built in smart-charge technology designed to prevent overcharging.


What are the ingredients used in AirsPops pods?
AIRSCREAM Lab’s special e-liquid formula is mixed under strict quality controlled processes.

Commonly used ingredients include glycerol, propylene glycol, flavouring, and nicotine salt.

Nicotine salt is an organic salt that creates a more natural and mild experience - Nicotine salts can also effectively stimulate the secretion of dopamine, thus relieving stress.

If you have health questions about the impact of vaping or ingestion of nicotine, please consult a healthcare professional.


How many puffs can I get from one AirsPops pod?
The AirsPops pod is designed to last between 300- 400 puffs. However, the results might vary based on varying usage habits.


What’s the shelf life of AirsPops pods?
The shelf life of a cartridge is two years. In order to get the best taste experience, we recommended using it soon after opening.


How should I store AirsPops pods?
In order to get the best taste experiences, it is recommended to use as soon as possible after purchase. If unused, it is best to store the pods in a dry and cool environment at room temperature.


What should I do if the pod has a burnt smell or taste?

1) Check the pod to determine it is not empty or running low.

2) Taking overly hard pulls on the device will make the coil go dry, resulting in a burnt taste.

3) Leave the device to rest after 7-8 draws to allow the coil to stay primed.


Please note that AIRSCREAM UK does NOT ship to the following countries:
Taiwan, China, New Zealand, South Africa, Estonia, Morocco, USA, Russia & all EU countries.


Tracking Orders
Not every order sent from the UK will be provided tracking number, as some countries only offer a signed for service.

Please Track Your Order using the Tracking Number provided.

Once your order is successfully placed, you should receive:

  • A purchase confirmation from your payments provider and
  • An order confirmation from us

Once your order is ready for dispatch, you should receive:

  • A shipping confirmation.  

You can find the order tracking number in the notification email.


How to Use Your Order Tracking Number
Please check your email inbox to see if you have already received your tracking number, usually sent within 24 hrs upon order confirmation.

Use your Tracking Number to search for shipping details. If it does not return any tracking information, it may be for the following reasons: 

  • The delivery carrier has not yet received your package.
  • The delivery carrier has not submitted your tracking information.
  • The order number you submitted is incorrect or invalid.
  • The order number you submitted has expired.

There is some processing delay before your order(s) tracking is updated. Tracking information may not be immediately available after the package is shipped, and you may need to check it later. If you are unable to locate the shipment, contact the delivery services directly or email us at customercare@airscreamuk.com


Tracking Number Update Delay
Once we receive your order, the information goes to the logistics wing, which will then process and put together your orders before forwarding them to the shipping company. After which, your tracking number is generated. Since this process involves multiple steps of coordination between internal and external parties, there is usually a slight delay between updates to your orders.


Dispatch And Delivery Time
Currently, we offer shipping via major logistics providers. We process all orders over Monday to Friday, from 8 am till 12pm GMT. 

Orders sent to European regions require overseas transportation and customs clearance. The process will take approximately 6-12 business days to arrive.

DISCLAIMER: There may be exceptions to the delivery times presented here, depending on your location. Even major logistics providers do not have full coverage and need to hire subcontractors at times to handle their deliveries.



How long does it take for my order(s) to arrive?
Depending on the your location and product availability, your products will have different arrival times:

We support reasonable regulation of tobacco and nicotine products and comply with all relevant laws and regulations. Due to local ordinances, we may be unable to ship products to certain areas.

The delivery options and shipping threshold available may vary depending on the delivery address.

Please refer the table below for delivery options. 

Delivery Service

Delivery Speed (business days*)

Standard Shipping


Extended Area Shipping


Business days refers to any day except Saturday, Sunday, any day which is a federal legal holiday in countries where warehouses are located.


How can I cancel my order?
Before your package is shipped, you can contact customer service to cancel the order. Once the package is shipped, the order can no longer be cancelled. 


What if the product(s) I receive does not match my order or my package is lost?
Please feel free to contact our official customer service by sending an email to customercare@airscream.com. We may ask you to provide pictures or videos tounderstand your problem faster and better help you solve it.


What do I do if my parcel is not delivered?
If you did not receive your package, double-check your tracking information found in the shipping confirmation or email us at customercare@airscreamuk.com

We recommend checking in with neighbours, front desk, mailrooms, or anywhere it may have been delivered. Please also check if the shipping address that used when ordering is accurate and complete.



Our logistics partners are major international door-to-door courier services that guarantee fast and safe deliveries. 

We’ve arranged for very affordable worldwide shipping costs from our warehouses around the world, and thus able to offer a subsidized worldwide flat shipping rate.


Why am I requested to pay a tariff by customs?
There’s some likelihood that custom officers may carry out spot inspection on your parcel where you may be requested to pay a tariff before your parcel will be released.


Can I change my shipping address after the order is shipped?
You are not allowed to change the shipping address after the order is confirmed.



Coronavirus (COVID-19) Customer Notice

Delivery of your parcel.
Due to the current situation, there are significant impacts on our ability to maintain all our usual service levels. 

If your goods do not arrive within our typical time frame we humbly request your patience and understanding as our delivery/ mailing partners  are doing their utmost to deliver goods to you during this time.


Receiving your parcel.
Public Health England (PHE) has advised that people receiving parcels are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19). From experience with other coronaviruses, we know that these types of virus don't survive long on objects, such as letters or parcels. This complements the highly publicised guidance from PHE for people to wash their hands more often than usual using soap and hot water.